La Chunga Sexy Time

Because it’s Valentine’s Day

Sexy time once a year – it has to be!


Sync Track Of The Week #1: To Rococo Rot – Cars (Sunroof Remix By Daniel Miller & Gareth Jones)

Mute label founder and longtime to rococo rot afficionado Daniel Miller teamed up with London based producer Gareth Jones to give ʼcarsʼ, from the band’s impeccable second album “the amateur view“, a compassionate modification into a … well, letʼs call it a “Krautrock Disco Truck“. Find it on the Limited 3CD – Box Set: To Rococo Rot – “Rocket Road“.

Published by Ceuso Music / Label City Slang

We license worldwide.

Sync Track Of The Week #51: Singing Adams – Dead End

It’s surely no Dead End for Singing Adams. Former Broken Family Band singer Steven Adams knows for sure how to proceed and his band Singing Adams is going straight forwards! To him, this song is “the musical equivalent of a showstopper on The Great British Bake Off”. However, uptempo fun, galopping guitars and a catchy hook make this song a winner. Find it on the upcoming album “Moves”. We license GAS and Eastern Europe.


Sync Track Of The Week #50: Mockingbird, Wish Me Luck – This Year

Ok, we promised not to post any more Christmas songs this year. But this one ist just so sweet! Blow-Up’s Mockingbird, Wish Me Luck are well known for the light and charming Indie Rock songs that carry some 60s influences. “This Year” is their first Christmas contribution and the song is absolutely festitive and far away from standard Xmas tunes. Have a listen! We license GAS and Poland.


Sync Track Of The Week #49: Sinkane

Sinkane come up with the new album “Mars” on City Slang and draw a fantastic bridge between Roxy Music, Sun Ra and Afro Pop. Sounds funky as hell and they just proved to be an amazing live band too. It was hard to decide what song to chose from “Mars”, but we decided for “Runnin“, because of the catchy vocal hook and the driving groove. Plus, there’s a video with quite strong images, which you surely like. We license Europe wide.

Sync Track Of The Week #48: Sophia – Holidays Are Nice

Ok, last season post for this year. But this one is a classic! Robin Proper Sheppard and his project Sophia don’t need any further introduction. For many years he’s been releaseing fantastic, often melancholic Indie Rock albums and still keeps going. “Holidays Are Nice” comes from his 2004 debut on City Slang. Works not only for seasons, also for vacation etc. We license worldwide.

Sync Track Of The Week #47: Die Mukketier-Bande – Jingle Bells

Yes, friends. Another week of Christmas mood. Why not? Maybe one of you needs a short notice Xmas song. Die Mukketier-Bande is one of Germany’s most popular bands for outstanding Children’s Music. They combine Rockabilly, Country, Swing and more with great songwriting, that even attracts parents. It’s all in German but for their Remake of Jingle Bells, they recorded a bi-langual version in English/German. It comes with a smooth Rockabilly Swing, gentle Choir and even some Hawaii Guitars. We license worldwide.


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